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Advantages of Digital Sheet Music Versus Physical Music Notes

Nowadays, it seems that everything is going digital, and this includes top sheet music. While at one point all music was printed on sheets of paper, a lot of music is now digital, but is digital music really better than regular sheet music? In many ways, the answer to this question is “yes.” Here are just a few of the advantages of digital sheet music as compared to physical music notes.

1. Digital Music Makes Practicing a Lot Easier

With digital music, musicians can slow down or speed up the songs whenever they like because the app is an interactive tool that allows them to play the song on their own terms. Parts of a song can be looped to let them work on just that part so they can perfect it much sooner.

2. Digital Music Is Much More Convenient

With digital sheet music, there is no need to worry about losing your music because you’ll always have it with you. Digital sheet music is easily accessible across many different devices, so there is no more misplacing stacks of printed sheet music and wondering where you left it.

3. It Is a More Eco-Friendly Option

When you consider that every American is responsible for around seven trees per year due to their use of paper products, it’s understandable that digital music is a very eco-friendly option for musicians. Digital music uses no paper and therefore, it leaves behind a much smaller carbon footprint than regular sheet music does.

4. It Allows Musicians to Receive Instant Feedback

When you’re learning a song, you can more easily gauge your progress with a digital app. These apps can “listen” to a practice song and provide feedback to the musician so they know what parts of the song they need to practice more. The feedback is also instant, so they don’t have to wait long to find out what to do from there.